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Colorado's Original Snowboard `Zine: was founded in May of 1996 to represent Colorado Snowboarding. Over the past couple years, the cross-influences of skateboarding and wakeboarding with snowboarding have been added to our coverage as skateparks have been built throughout Colorado and local wakeboarders perform as top competitors. Presently, is still the only site focused on Colorado snowboarding and related sports.

The winter of 2000-2001 is starting with a bang! has a completely new look and feel. Additionally we have several roving writers and photographers that will be covering snowboarding events and the best riding throughout Colorado. Our comprehensive Colorado weather and resort links make the best site to bookmark and find the best conditions. has been active with the design and process of creating the World's largest free skatepark right here in Denver. The groundbreaking ceremony was on October 26th. Look for updates and news as the demolition evolves into a legendary skatepark. is supporting Colorado's only exclusive snowboard filmmaker, Noyes Productions. Noyes' videos are available for purchase on and are being given away as prizes in our ongoing "Product Toss" contest.

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