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This Months Product toss prize is a copy of Noise Productions new film, ``Beyond this horizon" Shot on 16mm Film. `` "Beyond This Horizon" Synopsis: A late night encounter with a stranger changes Joel's life forever, whisking him away on an unforgettable snowboarding journey. Andrew Noyes takes us on yet another wild snowboarding adventure, this time through the eyes of Joel Backus. Based upon a real life incident, "Beyond This Horizon" goes where no other snowboarding film has gone before. Join members of the Ride and Burton Snowboard teams as they travel the world.  From the backcountry of Alaska to the powder fields of Chamonix, France and everywhere in between.  "Beyond This Horizon" will take you on a trip.  One that you wish would last forever.

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The basic rule is that you may only register ONCE per week, but you may register several times for each prize - just stop by once a week to increase your chance of winning. Other rules include: 1) shipping - we pay for shipping on smaller prizes, like videos and CD's in the USA, but you pay for shipping on larger items like snowboards,skateboards, wakeboards, and all international shipping. 2) Prizes - some prizes are drawn monthly, others when the visitor counter reaches a certain number. 3) Drawings - winners are picked at random from all legal entries (one per week per person) 4 ) Privacy - we do not and will not give, sell, trade any information recieved from this form. However, we will send an email notifying you of winnings and updates for those who request it




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