Denver Park

   It's about to be summer and Denver Colorado is the place to be. There are so many new cement parks in this state that I haven't even gotten to all of them yet. But the one I am waiting on is going to be done on july 5th (supposedly). The D-town Denver Park. I have been involved closely with the design and construction of the park and can't wait to skate it. especially the ten foot seven foot peanut; it's going to have a foot of vert in the deep end and six inches in the shallow, they are putting in this ladder thing so kids can get out if they fall in but that should just be fun to grind over. along with the ``dog bowl" there is a combo action weird thing which has an 8 foot deep end that waterfalls up to a 6 foot middle that spines into a four foot square bowl, the deep end will have concrete coping and a crazy driveway that cuts it into the 6. there is so much shit here that I can't possibly go into it all but I'll list it off; along with the above stuff there will be a bombshaped half pipe with a six foot deep end and 4foot mid section, a 4 5 6 clover bowl, and series of bowls connected that you can use as a ``fish ladder" to get back up to the top of the park, a street course with more hips than is good for anyone And a bunch of ledges all over the place. the street course includes a pyramid, that people keep complaining is to small and it is. but there is so much other shit that you can just use it as a speed bump fro the big ollie's. Eitherway it's sick.

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