Silverthorne Skatepark, located in north silverthorne, dope as hell. Smooth tranies complemented by lots of good hips, well layed coping and a variety of other stuff is one of the better parks in Colorado. I highly recommend  a journey to the mountains. Feeling ambitious? try the whole tour it takes at least three days and spans six cement parks some with vert.

Directions to silvi:
from denver take I-25 east towards grand junction. you go all the way through the isenhower tunnel and down the big hill, (it has been done this kid Dave did it). right at the bottom of the hill is Silverthorne take the xit and go right. take another right at the first stop light you'll see a gas staion and some outlet stores. follow this road around past the rec-center and your there its down in the valley to your right. oh yeah if the cops show up put your helmet on or get ticketed.

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