Vans Park

Vans park preveiw.

``I've never seen anything in my life quite so perfect."

Vans park rips. The street course is big and smooth lots of rails and ledges, banks and wedges. Vans features a small sort of closed off area for beginners with all the usual stuff but smaller. The Vert ramp is full size, two feet of vert. there is a good mini ramp at about five foot I think. They have an indoor out door concrete course featuring a trany to jersey barrier outside.
   My favorite part, the bowl of course. It is a perfect clover with pool coping and tile. The deep end is 9 and half, the shallow is six feet. So many lines I just cant explain but if I were you I would go skate it as soon as possible. If you have friend who owns a company, get ten of you friends together and get a corporate pass for cheap sessions. Otherwise it is fourteen dollars for two hours. I know its a little ridiculous, but I would go at least once.

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