Concrete Challenge

   Finally the concrete challenge photos to go with the story that I forgot. I do remember the comp though so I'll try to fill you in.  Breck was the first day.
     This comp was sick, and a ittle foggy.  I got there and immediatly cracked open a few beers. I looked down at one point and realized that I was standing next to Lance Mountain, pretty neat huh?
anyway I don't think I've ever seen anyone destroy breck bowl like this before; Alan peterson was doing 360 judos over the tear drop and Omar Hassan was tail sliding to revert as an alternative method of droping in.
All the scummit Locals lined the park and everyone was mostly drunk. Awsome Comp though I had fun watching and the energy was way up.
     Salida the next day was a little more subdude, not half as much beer, except for chet who was blasting acohole fulled backside airs out of the deep end, bumpy trainy and all. I think the best trick would have to be Alan Peterson's head high fakie ollies in the deep, huge.
All in all a sick weekend in the hills. See ya next year

Check out this animation of Omar hassan.

Concrete challenge is back and in denver this time. Got to for more info, directions, and registration.

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