Red Bull

Red Bull Summer Bash at Vail CO

When I was younger I used to ride my BMX bike all day every day. Everyone in the town did too so it was a biking family of friends. We set up jumps, tried to ride the wheelie as far as the eye could see, did endos, and of course the almighty bunny hop. The trickiest of the riders hand weird brake tricks and could stand on the frame no handed while cruisin down main street. I eventually learned this framestand trick and loved the look on peoples faces as I blew through the only light in town. Once I moved from that small NY town I didn`t noticed many bikers anywhere. I gradually was weaned away from it so I took up skating. Life goes on and times have changed and I haven`t been on a bike in a long time. This summer I did some volunteer work the snowboard outreach society (SOS) and it brought me to a Red Bull demo here in Vail. While walking to my booth I noticed some bikers riding around. I checked out there bikes to see what they were, but there we like none I`ve ever seen. They didn`t even have seat. I kept asking myself "Now why wouldn`t they have a seat". A few minutes later I had my answer. The bunny hop has gone trough so much evolution it is a sport of its own.I saw bikers going around a tough obstacle course which put the rider over picnic tables, rocks, wheels, over streams, ect.... It was unbelievable! I also saw a rider go into a wheelie on a 10 foot rock then launch off the back of it-I was impressed. Sorry I can`t remember the name of this sport, but it`s pretty cool to see up close. Besides the biking I saw the usual stuff such as DJ`s, vert skating, vert biking, music, cool booths, Red Bull chicks handing out my snowboard beverage of choice. I had a friend take some shots for me, but don`t have all the names for the faces. I do know the high flying skater with a silver helmet is Serge Ventura. I did an interview him for this E-zine, but left it in Colorado. I`m in NY for a few weeks and will have an update if your interested. He did say the usual rock star things like "believe in yourself" and that type of thing.


Redbull Bash
by:Dan Genditzki
Rocky Mountain high. by: Dan Holton
Vail Will Prevail
by: Dan Genditzki

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