Vail Will Prevail

     I`ve been fortunate this year to gain a spot on team Vail just as a vast marketing program has taken place.Our snowboard population is at 12 percent when the national average is around 20 percent.In years past our mountain hasn`t had a great rap as far as our park and pipe go, but all that is changing. Vail recently purchased the third superdragon (pipe grooming machine) in the US. Our pipe is huge, steep, and maintained every other day. If the super pipe is too intimidating there`s a mini pipe along side the monster. Our parks have improved as well. We have a field of rails and two runs full of kickers for all ages and abilities. The local team is stepping up the riding with a USASA nationals win last year, an AST this year and many promising video/photoshoots.With all the support from our snowboarding community we`ve been able to put on some unique and innovative competitions this year. A few are as follows:

  1. P.I.G air--First claim a trick then land it.Every participant must attempt it and if you bail you get a letter. Spell P-I-G and you sit down.
  2. 122 Open--A shop sponsored comp (VSS) where you must ride 122 cm boards.
    Some wear costumes and the first one down the hill in one piece wins
  3. UnVailed--Resort teams of three come and battle it out in pipe and big air.
  4. Good riders always show up and with bands it makes an awsome day
  5. USASA--Amateur circut that includes Boarder X, slopestyle, pipe, and GS.

There`s always something fun to do and always a secret stash of snow. Don`t write off Vail quite yet, you should see what will be offered next year!------Dan Genditzki


Redbull Bash
by:Dan Genditzki
Rocky Mountain high. by: Dan Holton
Vail Will Prevail
by: Dan Genditzki

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