Rocky Mountain High 3

P.M. Day 2

  We got out of Salida just after the rain started to fall, hard. All of us were hungry after four hours of skating in the 95 degree heat. The session  was good the dip in the Arkansas River was... let's say invigorating. This was no  small river, it was flowing pretty fast and yours truly got caught in a little bit of a heavy current. It felt like I was swimming in an avalanche. The water was only about 45 degrees. Your body starts to go into hypothermia and your arms become sluggish. Luckily I was warmed up enough from skating to swim out of the current. But on to the Silverthorne Skate park in you guessed it, Silverthorne. This park just officially opened on September 18, 1999. It is  the best park I have ever ridden. The layout is so perfect that even your mom  could keep her speed in this place. The potential for some of the crazy shit is  going to make you want to live in ``Summit" too. I still haven't examined this  park with the fine tooth comb. I know that this place will bring hours and  hours of pleasure to anyone who wants to shovel the damn thing out after the  snow starts to fly.


Rocky Mountain high. by: Dan Holton

Vail Will Prevail
by: Dan Genditzki

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