Rocky Mountain High 2

Charlie was instantly drawn to the gigantic 15,000 sq.ft. park. Too bad it was too dark to get any footage because the session that issued was  an all out blind, if you can feel it, pump it, rip fiesta.

 The next morning didn't come soon enough for Charlie who busted out the bowie knife for the best Bowie knife Bennyhana out of the bowl corner to the 8ft  tall roll in on the South side of the park.


 On to Salida. This park is more of the traditional in- ground swimming  pool type. It has three sections. 4, 6, and 9 foot Bowls make up this  beautiful ode to the old school. This hand plant is an able salute to our history. Oh yeah, The mayor of Salida broke his hip in the deep end. At least  he tried.



Rocky Mountain high. by: Dan Holton

Vail Will Prevail
by: Dan Genditzki

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