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Finally the concrete challenge photos to go with the story that I forgot. I do remember the comp though so I'll try to fill you in. Breck was the first day. MORE---->



Red Bull Summer Bash at Vail CO
By:Dan Genditzki

When I was younger I used to ride my BMX bike all day every day. Everyone in the town did too so it was a biking family of friends. We set up jumps, tried to ride the wheelie as far as the eye could see, did endos, and of course the almighty bunny hop. The trickiest of the riders hand weird brake tricks and could stand on the frame no handed while cruisin down main street. MORE---->


Rocky Mountain High
By: Dan Holton

As We set out from Denver on the tour we had all been waiting for since the last parks were all torn down. We were about to experience the good life. A weekend filled with the newest in high technology concrete jungle  construction. All over Colorado, skate parks of immense size and perfection are being constructed.

Our first stop on the tour was Montrose on the western edge of  Colorado. Why this park was built so far away from civilization is beyond me.  Maybe its the diehard locals who refuse to go unnoticed. Unlike some other  cities which shall remain nameless. We arrived shortly after sunset and were just planning on camping since there was no moon or lights to night skate by at  the park. We still wanted to see this marvel of construction so we swung by.  MORE---->

Vail Will Prevail!
By: Dan Genditzki

I`ve been fortunate this year to gain a spot on team Vail just as a vast marketing program has taken place. Our snowboard population is at 12 percent when the national average is around 20 percent. In years past our mountain hasn`t had a great rap as far as our park and pipe go, but all that is changing. Vail recently purchased the third superdragon. MORE---->





Vans opening day
Dan Genditzki

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