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Concrete chalenge is back!
Concrete Challenge gallery and
short story

Photos from:
The Denver Skatepark Grand Opening Celebration on July 29th!

the park is open right now untill 11:00pm

Denver park Gallery

 Colorado is the place to be. The waiting is over for the LARGEST free skateboard park in the country!
...click for details, news and recent park pictures.


The VANS park in Westminister (near Denver) is OPEN!! Opening Day was on saturday June 9th. We have some photos from the bowl sesh.


 We are presently looking for snowboarders/skateboarders that would like to become part of our ``development team;" contributing local coverage, images, stories, video and WWW interactivity. Please use the contact form on the ``Credits Page." note: This is not a ``rider-sponsorship program."

The Concrete Challenge is back!! Denver and Aspen this time!!
Check their site for more info.
Check out last years challenge.


Vans opening day
Dan Genditzki

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Vans park review
by:Tony Deland
Red Bull Summer
by: Dan Genditzki
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Rocky Mountain high. by: Dan Holton

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