Boulder Colorado, October 9&10

The fresh tracks boardriders expo served as a pre-season stoker for the front range snowboarding community. As incentive to attend, every paying customer received a coupon for a free day at Copper Mountain, and there were many more deals inside. This was a good chance for people getting started in snowboarding to look at a variety of products and talk to people knowledgeable in the industry. The fresh tracks expo did not allow any displays of products that were offensive, i.e. drugs, profanity, etc., which helped promote the family atmosphere.

In the arena there were displays by regional and international snowboarding, clothing and other sideways related companies. There were videos to watch, mountainboards to try, and goods of all types given away during the two day event. The first day there was a lot of thieving going on, so on day two security was beefed up a little bit.

The highlight of the event was the huge vert ramp built in the middle of the fieldhouse which was assaulted in 1/2 hour jam sessions during the weekend. The skaters showed that the front range vertical talent is strong. The action culminated with a highest air contest on Sunday afternoon which included 8 foot alley oops, a seven foot air to fakie, and tweaked out seven foot method airs. Although they called it a tie, our video review clearly shows the biggest air to be the one below.

Outside, the first snow of the year had melted and bands took turns making noise. The headlining band, humble gods, let all of the kids on stage for a couple of songs. They formed into this mini mosh pit that had everyone, including the band, cracking up. They put on a good show. The expo wrapped up Sunday without any incidents or major injuries and moved on towards their next stop.

paying some dues, humble gods

grommet scores some goods, board graphics, crazed balloon chasing dog, some of the many displays

combine the eleven foot ramp with eight foot air and Glen T. is floating nineteen feet above the fieldhouse floor

lien air, Kurto displays the lightness of this year's Burton bindings, Frontside air

Frontside invert, Todd Richards - Method Air


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