Independence Day '96

Freedom Parades & Martial Law - A Paradoxical Combination

Parade Fun

Upon our arrival we kept getting reports of how hard Hungington "goes off" for the Fourth. Words like riots, water cannons, water balloons, and out of control kept coming off the lips of the locals. The result of all this craziness during past years lead to this years police crackdown.

Parade Pic

The town was closed to incoming traffic at four p.m., the beach was closed at eight, and all nightclubs and restaurants were also closed. Wandering around looking for entertainment at night resulted in the spotting of many more riot police than party goers.

A helicopter circled continiously overhead spotlighting any potential fun in progress to be broken up. The one planned event was a parade at noon. In favor of the man I guess I would have to say that it is not worth people getting killed or beaten up in the name of a good time, which was probably the result of out of control parties in the past.

Nonetheless, it was a bit odd celebrating our countries' independance in a near police state. After hitting the beach and the keg of good beer all day we didn't really need to be in a riot anyway.

Huntington Beach

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