Independence Day '96

50/50 Grind-Biting Dogs Fronside 5-O Grind Frontside Smith Grind Pool Dogs (Pit Bulls)

    A BASIC day of Skateboarding...

    Saturday, July 5, 1996.

    After more hazy, early morning attempts at surfing, which cleared our heads from Fiday night's festivities, breakfast burritos for fuel, and general beach wandering and people watching, we set out on a notable trip to the basic bowl. Although slightly vibed at the door, we were invited into the famous backyard playground with a little name dropping.

    The Basic Bowl is a cloverleaf swimming pool with about eight, six, and four foot bowls. The lines were pretty sick but you had to watch out for the pit bulls that would charge your board in the medium sized bowl. While we were there one guy pulled a rock to dog bonk to fakie slam that didn't really look that fun.

    The man of the house, Erik Smallwood, came out back and rippped a few lines in his wingtip shoes and no pads before changing into softies. Overheard was that this guy used to ride for Alva and H-Street, he was fast and smooth, clearly playing on home turf.

    There were no pros busting ten feet out of the bowl, just a good mellow skate session. This gave Fletcher a good chance to fine tune some nice, fast lines with that New Mexico style.

Huntington Beach

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