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 Keystone BoardFest '96

Dec. 14-15, 1996


They were supposed to have a pipe and slopestyle contest but the park wasn't really up to snuff for a full-on contest thanks to a heavy dump the week before, so instead the pipe was just buffed out. One good contest beats two lame contests anyday. The turnout of area pros was good and the sessioning was truly sick before the contest. Some standout moments were Frank Wells smooth runs of all overhead airs, Spencer's switch 720's and JJ Collier already wiring all the lines like a true local. Julie Rende went big with clean spins to earn first, followed by Barrett Christy and Jodi Adcock. This contest was a good early season tuneup without too much hype, run smoothly and a good time was had by most.


Pro Men: 1st- JJ Collier, 2nd-Frank Wells, 3rd- Hiro Chiharra, 4th-Peter Orgna, 5th-Travis Nohe

Pro Women: 1st-Giuliana Rende, 2nd-Barrett Christy, 3rd-Jodi Adcock, 4th-Ronda Doyle, 5th-Amy Wakefield


from top:

  • JJ Collier pokes for victory
  • Jodi Adcock hucks a  backside
  • Method Boy
  • Hiro Chiharra is not a slob, but he does them
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