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Snowboarding started out in the woods with a couple of bros trying to “surf” the snow on a winter’s day.  For several years, riders went into the backcountry with the lure of endless carves in the winter wonderland. 

Hiking, snowshoeing and hitch-hiking took them to the top of local hills and mountain passes.   New designs and technologies made the sport easier and more fun and people started to catch on.  Then technology progressed and the snowboard population reached a level where the established ski areas began to let those “ski-board” things have access to their chairlifts.

A few years later, many snowboarders found that access to the ski areas was a mixed blessing.  We can ride for hours with only a few minute wait and a lift ride to the top between runs.  However, the crowds, rules, and hardpacked conditions can leave one hungry for untracked powder and freedom to find new lines.  Typically, only those lucky enough to live at the areas can be on first chair to get the goods.

Backcountry snowboarding (extreme???) began to rise in popularity.  The boarders found powder, freedom and newlines off the peaten path.   Once again, they headed out to remote mountains and closed ski areas with their boards, boots, snowshoes and packs.

An old vehicle for winter fun and work, has become the newest backcountry tool for these cutting edge snowboarders.  Snowmobiles are quickly becoming the “way” to snowboard.  They provide a balance between access to more runs, and access to the best conditions and locations.

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