It was a great run, but left them miles from any roads.  As a result, they were forced to spend the snowy night in a backcountry lean-to fabricated with snowboards.   Fortunately Wolf Creek's finest followed their tracks and were able to locate the group before day-break.  After a long night of Pagosa Springs festivites we hooked up with Kalei and company, grabbed our snowmobiles and

headed for the backcountry.  We found ourselves enjoying an untouched wonderland of snow covered mountains, fresh rocky mountain air and more virgin runs than our legs could handle.  These are just a few of the many reasons we continue to continue the yearly pilgrimage to Wolf Creek from  hometowns in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon and Washington State.

Most importantly it is the warm welcome from the locals, the awesome service from the exceptional staff and the exclusive locale that Wolf Creek Resort has to offer.  Finally, we would like to thank Rosanne Pitcher and the rest of the fine staff at Wolf Creek Resort for putting up with us for so many years.  We enthusiastically recommend everyone pencil in Wolf Creek Resort on this winters must-do list.