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Vans Warped Tour 1996

7/14/1996, Red Rocks Amphitheater - Special Thanks to Roots Megacorp. for the hookups

Bands: NOFX, Pennywise, Fishbone, Rocket From the Crypt, CIV, Lagwagon, Goldfinger, Deftones, Unwritten Law

Events: Amateur Street and Vert Contest, Pro Demo, other assorted activities.

(Cover Photo; Serge Ventura - method air L to R; 1- skate legend Steve Caballero floats a fakie ollie, 2&3- whole lot of finger pointing going on, this poor chap got thrown out for booing the rollerbladers, 3- front line madness, 4- unknown ollie to fakie on the street course)

The Red Rocks show was really fun. When we got there the touring crew was putting up the vert ramp while the local and touring skaters were putting on an energized street demo before the competition. It had that pre-contest vibe going, and there were many fine examples of skateboard manipulation going on. There was also a climbing wall, a tent filled with video games and other displays, and of course the bands. There is no booze allowed at Red Rocks, it's what you slam in the lot or sneak in. It was impossible to watch the bands and the skating at the same time so the result was a lot of wandering back and forth checking out the action. The day was filled with running into familiar faces as people meandered through the event.

(1&2- the Hawaiian Tropic girls flash some smiles, 3- sea of people, 4- fishbone, 5- Pennywise laughing under the barrage of trash from above)

The street contest got underway, bands were churning out music. The Fat Wreck Chords booth was selling cheap goods. My friend Aaron snaked about five hamburgers from the concession stand throughout the day which he was psyched on. In the vert demo, both Serge and Cab went super high, Serge Ventura pulled off a varial that was beyond huge.

(1&3- S. Ventura - varial, 2- John "Norm" Norman mugs for the camera


The Deftones were playing when we arrived on the scene; definitely one of the more underrated new bands, Joel digs their heavy sound. Goldfinger played their usual tight set and stoked the kiddie crowd with their big hit song. Civ sounded good too, but I was checking out the street contest during most of their set-sorry guys.

NOFX "everyone has been telling us 'how cool, we're playing red rocks,' Well, I think this place sucks. It's like one big stairmaster." They had a good set and a lot of crowd response. They put a lot of humor into their act and of course talent. It was also cool that they gave a shout out to local cool guys Hate Fuck Trio.

The crowd started getting more unruly throughout the day waiting for the headliners. By the time Lagwagon came out, what had once been a little trickle of cups and assorted crap coming from the crowd turned into a downright downpour. Not being their first picknick, bands like Pennywise and Lagwagon persisted despite the madness and even attempted to fight back, but the numbers were not in their favor. With the demo's about wrapped up, the crowd was big and had plenty of ammo from the days consumption of food and beverage. The sax guy from Rocket From the Crypt was taken out by a full cup of water to the nuts, it looked brutal. Pennywise rocked super hard during the barrage along with special guest Serge Ventura on vocals.

(1- big street nose bone, 2,3- pennywise, 3- Barb)