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Unfortunately for Nate Mott and Mike Beallo the contest was forced to start early due to the melting snow.  Erik Leines and Paul Henderson made the finals as alternates in their place.  The early start was necessary.  By the end of the competition, the landing was obviously warm and sticky and several holes showed the 2 x 4ís that held the snow in place.


Jason Borgstede

Tina Dixon

Despite the confusion, the show thrilled the crowd.  Thousands of people were packed around the jump.  The riders made the most of the conditions spinning, flipping, grabbing and tweaking.  The plethora of ESPN cameras got the shots.  Some landings were stuck clean, while others bounced down the snow or spun off into the grass.  Kudos to all the men and the women competitors for putting on a great show

The judging was based on a scale to 100 with points from the following categories: Trick (how hard) -25, Execution (stick it?) -25, Size (height and distance)- 50.  The best run of three was counted as the scoring run.

The third run almost didnít happen.  The snow was melting fast, but once all the holes were patched the show went on.  The crowd was stunned as Peter Line spun a huge switch 900 and stuck it clean to take the crown.

Jimmy Halopoff

Menís Results:

1) Peter Line
2) Kevin Jones
3) Jason Borgstede
4) Ryan Williams
5) Jimmy Halopoff
6) Steve Adkins
7) Bjorn Leines
8) Erik Leines
9) Devun Walsh
10) Jim Rippey
11) Joel Mahaffey
12) Paul Henderson

Womenís Results:

1) Tina Dixon
2) Hilary Maybery
3) Shelly Ueckert
4) Katrina Warnick

Peter Line

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