Summer X-games
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The Summer X-games took place During the week of June 20-28 in sunny San Diego.   The weather was warm and everywhere you looked, summer was in full swing.  Down in Mission Beach, the crowds had quite a show, big air, an enormous jump, and in typical So Cal. style small bikinis.

Over 450 total athletes came to play their “dangerous games” and thrill the crowds, both in person and around the world.  The games were broadcast on ESPN, ESPN 2, ABC Sports, ESPN International, and ESPN Sports Zone to hundreds of millions.

Bicycles, Sea-Kayaks, Street Luge, Street Skating, Wakeboarding, In-Line, Sport Climbing, Skysurfing were all represented, but Vertical Skateboarding and Snowboarding Big-Air contest definitely stood out as two of the main attractions.

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