Notes from the Editor...

Berthoud will always be a special place for me because I had my first day of snowboarding there. Most of my high school weekends were spent trying to hang with my older brother and a bunch of skiers we called the Wild Men, also known as the continental flight crew (cfc). cfc commander in chief Bob Moss recently got me invited over to the house of Ike and Lucy Garst, who owned and operated Berthoud from 1977 to 1987. Lucy maintains an incredible log of Berthoud Paraphanalia dating back to the turn of the century. As we pored over tons of photos, flyers, and other items it became apparent to me that my knowledge of Berthoud Pass was about at the first grade level compared to these folks. Special thanks to Ike and Lucy for supplying the trail maps, photos, and information.

A secial thanks to Device Step-In Snowboard Bindings!


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