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ASR, AKA:"the Brodio"
by: Tony Deland

San Diego USA, On a Balmy late summer morning Charlie, Jake (AKA, Pete) and Myself pulled off of Interstate 5 into Dowtown San Diego. We drove around, lost,  for a while trying to find the Convention center. Which, it turns out, is right in front of us. Parking was a bitch and we ended up on the other side of D-town in a lot. Up side to that it, had a cool attendant and cost only $5.00 a day. Anyway, on to the Trade show.
     Walking up to the ASR trade show, there are tons of people milling about and  looking like they had no Idea where to go or how to get in. We were not much better off. I headed up stairs after after a few inquiries as to where the Press booth is. I arrive and find, to my surprise, a relatively short line, little did I know it was absolutely the slowest moving line in the whole  world. Two hours later I arrive at the sign-up desk and find out that ``on-line media" is not considered a viable form of whatever and I cant get a press pass. FUCK! I am pissed and must find answers. The wonderful, calm lady at the desk directs me to Cynthia Michaels who feels sorry for me and hooks me up with a pass, photo and all. Not that the photo did me any good seeing as how the video tape is missing. I'm in...
     I hit the upstairs first cause it is on the same floor as I am. The vert demo was cool I had some good pictures of it but,   . I notice the street course and look forward to seeing all the pros rip it up. Out side for a smoke, interesting people all LOTS of interesting peoplearound and plenty of hot girls. I wander inside and downstairs looking for more,,,,, STICKERS of course (well maybe some girls as well). Downstairs is the most advertising I have seen in one place, ever. The booths are as elaborate and diverse as the people running them. World Industries had the gates of hell while Sector Nine had an all hand carved wooden master piece. Thanks to the guys from Sector Nine for hooking us up with a place to stay. you guys rule. I cruised around the show for about two hours then broke out to go skate with Scott in Encinitas.
     Encinitas is awesome, not to skate necessarily but just because I met so many cool people there. The YMCA park is dope and we wanted to skate it, but our friend Chris had keys an exclusive and pristine five foot bowl. A fine day was had by all, and then we drank. Like champions, ouch! morning sucked. back to the ``brodio".
     I could only take ASR for an hour today, it was beautiful outside and my wheels needed rolling. See ya next year.


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