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The basic rule is that you may only register ONCE per week, but you may register several times for each prize - just stop by once a week to increase your chance of winning.  Other rules include: 1) shipping - we pay for shipping on smaller prizes, like videos and CD's in the USA, but you pay for shipping on larger items like snowboards,skateboards, wakeboards, and all international shipping. 2) Prizes - some prizes are drawn monthly, others when the visitor counter reaches a certain number. 3) Drawings - winners are picked at random from all legal entries (one per week per person) 4 ) Privacy - we do not and will not give, sell, trade any information recieved from this form.  However, we will send an email notifying you of winnings and updates for those who request it.

WIN Noyes Productions Newest Snowboard Video:

Dysfuncional Superheroes IV,
``Slanted and Enchanted"

Faceshot will give away one video everytime this counter adds another 2000 ``hits."
Next winner will be chosen at 34,000!

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